Paranoid provides unparalleled endpoint protection without any prior information about the threat.

Meet our breakthrough solutions delivered as Paranoid on Premise or Paranoid as a Service

CISO, Major Bank In Europe
"The Paranoid threat agnostic technology proved to deliver the highest detection and prevention rate of malware, ransomware and Zero-day attacks. We found it extraordinarily compelling that the Paranoid security paradigm is ready, out-of-the box, even against tomorrow’s emerging threats".

CISO, US Urban Law Enforcement Agency
“We have a great success with Paranoid as a Service monitoring our network. In addition, we enjoy Nyotron's global war room center helping us through detection and remediation handling. Acknowledging the fact that our traditional security means, such as Anti-Virus and FireWall systems, cannot protect against Zero-day attacks and APT's, it is a fact that our security posture went up by having Paranoid on board"

IT Manager, European National Airline Carrier
"As a national airliner with a worldwide presence, we are considered a high-profile target. We already utilized dozens of security products, and we will continue to make sure that our online business and internal services provide 100% uptime. For the past 6 months we were testing various Cyber solutions, mostly the ones that claimed to provide a new approach, or the ability to deal with advanced Cyber threats. We found "Nyotron" to have the right security approach in place, especially for its capability to deal with threats that were not detected by our existing means."

CIO, Government Agency
"As one of the most targeted organization in the country, Paranoid system offer us a competitive advantage vs. attackers. Running in covert mode, we plan to surprise any malicious threat running on our assets. We are also pleased that Nyotron's presents no business interruption, nor to users or third party applications."

CISO, Finance Institution
"As part of Paranoid project, we invited two leading PT firms to challenge Paranoid protected endpoints. Conducting 45 attacks in 3 weeks,PT firms were impressed from Paranoid's defense capabilities, led to prevention before reaching the damage stage".

Cyber Team Director, Leading Bank
"We tested Paranoid along with other Cyber products, challenged with dozens types of malwares. Paranoid showed the best results by preventing 90%+ of malwares. Compared to other vendors tested, Paranoid is the most effective defense solution available in the market".