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At Nyotron, our mission is to Secure the World.

Despite heavy investments in time, people and technology dedicated to protecting your endpoints, today’s sophisticated attackers are successfully bypassing endpoint protection solutions, compromising your sensitive enterprise data. We believe that infiltration is inevitable, but damage doesn’t have to be. That’s why we developed a new security paradigm that solely focuses on preventing damage from attacks regardless of the type of attack, or how, where or when it penetrated your network. Our threat-agnostic defense acts as your last line of defense, thwarting attacks before damage is done.

PARANOID is a game-changing data protection solution that provides you a radically different approach to thwart attacks. Acting as the last line of defense – after threats bypass all perimeter and endpoint security layers – PARANOID protects your data regardless of the type of threat or attack vector, and does not require any prior knowledge about the threat to be effective.

Delivering the first-ever Threat-Agnostic Defense technology, PARANOID distinguishes between legitimate activities carried out by a program or user and threatening activities being carried out by attacks.

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For enterprises that employ cyber security experts or run a Security Operations Center, our NYOTRON War Room product provides you unlimited real-time visibility into your endpoints’ security status. Leveraging a sophisticated, 3D representation, the NYOTRON War Room allows you to view your endpoints according to your desired classifications – by geo location, by network grouping, etc.

Whether in DETECT or PREVENT mode, the NYOTRON War Room provides you in-depth details about an attack as it happens: where the attack is happening, if it is spreading to other endpoints, what the nature of the threat is, how it got in, and how it spread.

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Combining our patented threat-agnostic endpoint protection, expert cyber security analysts and Global War Room centers, Nyotron’s Managed Defense Services provide you the 24/7 security defense and intelligence necessary to protect your data, infrastructure and assets from new and evolving threats and methods of attack – providing you ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Our Managed Defense Services can be tailored to meet your complex information security challenges to provide you the essential technologies and resources you need to improve your security posture and protect your data.


In today’s digital era, your biggest cyber security challenge is differentiating between safe computer activity and malicious acts. Traditional security defenses such as firewalls, secure email gateways, IPSs, signature based solutions, and next generation endpoint protection platforms play a key role in your defense-in-depth strategy, but fall short on protecting you against advanced threats and targeted zero-day attacks. Approaches such as sandboxing, mathematic algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are limited in their ability to detect and prevent the unknown unknown threats. These methodologies often impose a heavy burden on humans and computers and only focus on detecting a particular type of threat, often a known threat, or provide data about threats that have already caused harm. Now, there is a better way to protect your assets.

  • Threat-Agnostic Defense™
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Detect. Prevent. Respond. Analyze.
  • Managed Defense Services
  • Available On Premise or As A Service

Today’s enterprises are more at risk than ever from targeted attacks. Of particular importance to hackers are high-profile organizations that maintain sensitive data, including; Intellectual Property, employee, customer or patient records, financial information, or any critical data. Nyotron stops data breaches and protects all industries from tomorrow’s threats today.


Nyotron’s PARANOID Adds Protection for Mission-Critical Servers

Mitigates Reputational and Financial Risks of a Data Breach for Enterprise Clients SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Nyotron, a provider of the industry’s first OS-Centric Positive Security solution to strengthen endpoint protection, today announced that PARANOID can now protect servers from known and unknown threats, extending the company’s reach beyond desktops and […]


The biggest challenge in today’s digital era, is to effectively deal with both current and future threats while knowing nothing about them. Contact Nyotron today to learn how.