By Donna St. John – Vice President of Marketing, Nyotron What does every cyberattack since Stuxnet have in common? Regardless of the method of the attack, the attacker bypassed the multiple layers of security technologies, penetrated the network and wreaked havoc to the organization. Once inside, the intention of the hacker is always to steal, […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team Should we sympathize with hunters when they become the hunted? A particular malware dubbed “Cobian RAT,” seems to raise this question. This software’s target audience is comprised of “skids” (script kiddies) that are often characterized as want to-be hackers, using other people’s tools to infiltrate and compromise systems without the […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team RATs (Remote Access Trojan) are fairly common in the Trojan market and differ from each other mostly by the features they provide. Almost all of them give the attacker the ability to send remote commands using the command prompt, key log the victim’s keystrokes, take screenshots, send/receive files to/from the […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team Malware come in all shapes and forms, some encrypt your data, some steal it, some use the computer’s resources to perform malicious activities (such as sending spam e-mails, commencing DDoS attacks, and some simply download other malware). A dropper is a type of malware that’s sole purpose is to download […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team A group recently exploited SambaCry, an old vulnerability in the Samba protocol for Unix (the equivalent of SMB for Windows), in order to install bitcoin miners on victim machines. The group targeted Windows OS using the same bitcoin miner payload that was used on the Unix systems, but since it […]

By Asaf Katz | Nyotron Security Research Team Car-hacking is the new hot-topic in cyber-security. As time progresses, it seems the ship has sailed and the destined autonomous car is already on its way towards us. The arrival of such a car also means a lot to attackers, their control over an autonomous car opens […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team Quick and easy-to-use tools are always available for the white-hat penetration tester or the black-hat hacker, WinPayloads is a tool, written in Python 2.7 that is used to generate the attack payloads and framework for handling the attack. Just like many of the script and tools out there, most of […]

By The Nyotron Security Research Team Another NSA tool manual was leaked and published on WikiLeaks. It is not certain that this tool was indeed used by the NSA, but taking the recent leaks into consideration the existence of such tool is not farfetched. According to the manual, this specific tool uses the Wi-Fi of […]

By Nyotron Security Research Team What is EMET? EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) is a utility provided by Microsoft for free. This utility is designed to make the process of exploiting a vulnerability difficult for an attacker (and sometimes, even make it impossible). EMET helps prevent successful exploitation of vulnerabilities in software by using various […]

By The Nyotron Security Research Team TheFatRat is a rather new post exploitation tool which is designed to generate payloads using a friendly and easy-to-use interface. This tool is another weapon in the attacker’s arsenal, but it’s mostly using known payloads from the different robust Metasploit framework. The advantages of using TheFatRat over Metasploit framework, […]

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