The Nyotron Experience

It has been clear to us from the very beginning. Once our prospects experience our live demo, they get the Nyotron difference. They experience an “ah-ha” moment. We have flipped the traditional and next-generation endpoint security paradigm upside down. Experience our approach, hear the story about how we protect your data, see how easy it is to bypass your perimeter security products, your traditional signature-based AV solutions and even the next-generation vendors that are knocking at your doors. They all rely on the known unknown. Nyotron is NEW generation. We live in the unknown unknown.

These 2 hour sessions provide overview presentation that explains the Nyotron Difference followed by a LIVE demonstration showing how your current security technology can easily be bypassed by today’s sophisticated attacks and how PARANOID stops data breaches.

After key NyotronX LIVE events, we will host a private VIP roundtable with some of our executives and security experts. In-depth discussions and real-life attack challenges are shared.

The easiest way to experience Nyotron is to attend a virtual demonar that provides the information from our NyotronX LIVE events in an online forum. Our bi-monthly demonars are the fastest way for security experts to experience the Nyotron Difference.

Our security analysts are researching new attacks all the time. From time to time, they will offer learnings from their research via NyotronX Sec Ed webinars.



Register Date Location Format Topic
Register June 5 London, UK Nyotron Experience: LIVE Nyotron VIP Preview Event
Register June 14 Online for US Nyotron Experience: DEMOnar Changing the Endpoint Security Game